Software for K8400 3D Printer

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The Velleman Vertex 3D printer kit K8400 requires some software to drive the unit and print your design or file. Here we have some files including: Repetier Host 1.0.6, Single & Dual Head Firmware and some exclusive designs. See more details for further information on the individual files. Latest Firmware Version Now Available.
Note: You must reload the EEPROM settings after a firmware upgrade.
Upgrading requires Arduino Software Version 1.0.6

Available Files

  • Vertex 3D printer Repetier Host. Version 1.0.6.
  • Firmware for the Vertex 3D printer with one nozzle. Version M1-V1.4-H1.
  • Firmware for the Vertex 3D printer with dual nozzles. Version M1-V1.4-H2.
  • Print your own Vertex logo keychain .STL file.
  • Print your own Vertex bracelet .STL file.