3DPEN Velleman Hand-held 3D Printer

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Now you can write in 3D with this 3D Pen. Velleman introduce the new 3DPEN, an  ergonomic design and light weight it is suitable for product designers, hobbyists and students who wish to build 3D structures and shapes. 3D printing pen extrudes heated 1.75 mm filament (PLA). The filament cools down once it's printed allowing you to build your 3D structures and shapes.
  • light weight design
  • slim design comfortable handle
  • speed adjustment makes it easy to control the drawing speed
  • heating ring and nozzle are an integrated cartridge
  • temperature adjustable
  • intelligent standby function, enters standby after 5 minutes of idle time
  • heat extrusion
  • filament: 1.75 mm ABS (included)
  • adjustable printing speed
  • for: product designers, hobbyists and students
  • heating temperature: 160 - 250 °C (320 - 482 °F)
  • maximum heating power: 26 W
  • weight: 65 g (2.4 ounces)

  • Dimensions: 187 x 43 x 31mm
    Power Supply: 12Vdc / 3A via 230Vac PSU (Included)