IMG Stage Line TXS-875B Antennas
Boost the signal to your wireless receiver

IMG Stageline TXS-875B Antenna Amplifiers

IMG Stageline
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IMG Stageline TXS-875B, pair of Antenna Amplifiers for TXS-871 Receiver.

  • Power supply via the receiver units
  • DC feed-through output for cascading up to 2 x TXS-875B max.
  • Supplied with mounting brackets
  • Ideal for mobile applications: mounting facility for microphone stand with 16 mm ( 5/8 ") thread

Pair of antenna amplifiers suitable for radio microphones which transmit on 470-960 MHz. Can be used on TXS-871 or with our aerial/power distribution unit. TXS-871 receiver can supply voltage to power these amplifiers.

Power Supply:

8 - 12Vdc

Power: 470 - 960 MHz
Antenna gain:


Antenna connection: