Monacor PA-900 Amplifier

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PA-900 Mono 120 Watt Mixer Amplifier.

100V line or 8 Ohms operation.
4 x Microphone/Line Level Channels.
Mic 1 with priority circuit and automatic talkover
Additional connection for desktop microphone via screw terminal
1 x Music Channel (Line Level)
Overall Tone Controls.
21 V phantom power for each microphone input, can be selected individually.
Mains operation or 24 V emergency power operation
Removable mounting brackets.
Convection cooled for silent operation
RCA Slave Output.

The amplifier has especially been designed for use in PA systems . It can deliver 120 W RMS to 100 V and 70 V speakers or to a speaker group with a total impedance of 4 Ω . Microphones (channels 1 – 4) or units with line level (channels 1 – 4 and AUX) can be connected to the five input channels which can be mixed with one another . Channel 1 is equipped with a talk-over function which attenuates the volume of the other channels by approximately 40 dB.
Power Supply

230Vac, 50Hz (IEC)

Output Power (RMS)

1 x 120W

Amplifier Type

Microphone/Line Inputs 4 x XLR (balanced)
Auxiliary input

2 x RCA

Input Sensitivity

Mic 3 mV, Line 200mV, Aux 240mV

Frequency Response 50Hz -15kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) < 0.5%
Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR) > 80 dB
Speaker Outputs

Screw Terminals

Line Outputs 2 x RCA
Phantom Power
Dimensions (w x h d) 482 x 275 x 88mm
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