Velleman Classic TV Game with Analogue Bats MK191

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  Constructional Kit: Normal

Play the all time favourite and addictive tennis game. Each player has his own bat with rotary potentiometer for ultra fast bat movement. 5 single player levels, 5 two player levels, 3 ball angles, Smash function, With game play sound and only the server can score points.
  • 5 single player levels
  • 5 two player levels
  • 3 ball angles
  • Smash function (press button the moment the ball hits the bat)
  • Audio output
  • Only the server can score points
  • Composite video out
  • Brightness control
  • Audio output
  • PAL or NTSC selection
  • Consumption only 7mA
  • Auto power down
  • Dimensions:
    Power Supply: 3Vdc (2 x AA Batteries)