Velleman Solar Energy Experiment Kit EDU02

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The solar energy experiment kit is ten projects in one. All projects can be assembled on solder less breadboard making it ideal for schools, colleges or training establishments. The projects include :- Solar powered LED, Flashing LED, Solar attention grabber, Solar cricket, Solar battery charger, Solar musical instrument, IR remote tester, Solar garden light, Solar motion detector and Solar alarm simulator. Kit includes all components, breadboard and Solar cell. Good sunlight or a 60W lamp will be required to power these experiments.
  • clear instructions
  • 10 exciting projects
  • with micro controller
  • HQ breadboard
  • no soldering required!
  • projects include: solar led, solar attention grabber, solar cricket, solar battery charger, solar musical instrument, IR remote tester, solar garden light, solar motion detector, solar alarm simulator, ...