A range of Handheld & PC Based Oscilloscopes
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Velleman LCD Oscilloscope Educational Kit EDU08

New to the educational series of kits, the Velleman EDU08. Build your own oscilloscope and learn how to visualize signals. See the signals you learn about in real life!
Despite the low cost, this oscilloscope has a lot of features found only on expensive units like signal markers, frequency, dB, true RMS readouts,...
A powerful auto-setup function will get you going in a snap!
Dimensions: 80 x 115 x 40mm
Power Supply: 6Vdc (4 x AAA Batteries)
Delivery time:1-5 Days
Weight: kg

Velleman PC Oscilloscope Educational Kit EDU09

 Module  Module: Pre-assembled

Oscilloscopes are expensive and complicated instruments? Not this one!
Build your own oscilloscope and use your PC to display your measurements.
This small and easy to build kit has all the features of a full blown oscilloscope, just like our PCSU200 or PCSU1000.
Kit comes complete with detailed instructions and test leads.


94 x 94mm

Power Supply: via USB / 200mA
Delivery time:1-5 Days
Weight: kg

Velleman Handheld Scope with OLED Display HPS140MK2


 New - Now Available 

The HPS140MK2 handheld oscilloscope still holds the same power as its predecessor, the HPS140, but in a new and modern design. Although small in size, this oscilloscope packs 40 MS/s in real time and it's sensitivity can go as low as 0.1 mV. It also has a full automatic measuring system but can be operated manually if preferred.
  • 40 Mega samples/sec in real time
  • bandwidth up to 10 MHz
  • full auto range option
  • sensitivity down to 0.1 mV
  • signal markers for amplitude and time
  • memory hold function
  • direct audio power measurement
  • Velleman
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    Velleman USB Scope + Function Generator PCSGU250

    Feature-packed PcLab2000-LT software for two channel oscilloscope, spectrum analyser, recorder, function generator and bode plotter. With the generator, you can create your own waveforms using the integrated signal wave editor. For automated measurements, it is even possible to generate wave sequences, using file or computer RS232 input.
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    Velleman Two channel USB PC Scope PCSU1000

    The PCSU1000 digital storage oscilloscope uses the power of your PC to visualize electrical signals. Its high sensitive display resolution, down to 0.15mV, combined with a high bandwidth and a sampling frequency of up to 1GHz are giving this unit all the power you need. The USB connection makes this unit a snap to set-up, no external power required! In the field measurements using a lap-top computer have never been this easy. This scope comes in a stylish vertical space saving design. Powerful software will fulfill all your needs, but for those who like a challenge; a DLL is supplied, which allows you to create your own application.
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    Weight: kg

    Velleman USB PC Scope & Signal Generator PCSU200

    Pocket size PC oscilloscope and function generator. This small box contains a world of measuring tools!  From generating signals to a powerful 2 channel oscilloscope and a handy bode plot function. No need for a power supply since the unit is powered over USB. Probe not included.

    Delivery time:1-5 Days

    Velleman VM205 Raspberry Pie Oscilloscope & Analyser Module

       Module: Pre-assembled

    Do you own a RaspberryPi? Add the VM205 shield and you also own a digital storage oscilloscope!
    All standard oscilloscope features are available and the application source code is supplied, so you can develop your own application.
    As a bonus, you also get a 10-channel logic analyser, a great tool to monitor digital signals.

    Not compatible with Pi3B+

    Power Supply:
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    Weight: kg

    Velleman 2 Channel WLAN / WiFi Digital Storage Oscilloscope WFS210

     No Longer Available


    The Velleman WFS210 is the world's first WLAN dual channel digital storage oscilloscope geared towards tablet computers. Android App. now available

    The WFS210 is a compact, portable battery powered fully featured two channel WiFi oscilloscope. Instead of a built-in screen it uses your tablet (iOS or Android™) or PC(Windows) to display the measurements. Data exchange between the tablet and the oscilloscope is via WLAN (WiFi).

    Latest 2018 Version featuring updated firmware for iOS fix.

    Delivery time:1-5 Days

    Velleman Component tester for HPS140Mk2


     New - Now Available 

    Connect this easy to use component tester to your handheld oscilloscope (HPS140MK2) and receive all useful information about resistors, transistors, diodes and more, including their pin out identification.