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Video and RGB Converter/Processor Kit K4600

To process a PAL colour video signal it first has to be converted back into the original Red, Green and Blue signals. This allows the colours to be adjusted separately along with the colour intensity, brightness and contrast. Once processed the signal can be converted back into a PAL video signal. The user can choose PAL video or RGB output. In addition space is provided on the PCB for a UHF modulator ( type RFMOD) so you can use the antenna input of your TV or video. An SVHS input signal can also be connected.
Dimensions: 200 x 67 x 107mm
Power Supply: 16Vdc / 500mA
Delivery time:1-5 Days
Weight: kg

Video Pattern Generator K8025

New - Now Available

Pocket video generator and fixed audio sine wave. Black and white + gray scale video patterns. Check the picture quality of your monitor or TV. Suitable for use for picture adjustment or troubleshooting.

Power Supply: 3V Battery (CR2032)